Ways to drop message marked by SpamAssassin with current version

Hi all,

One of my clients is lucklessly searching for SpamAssassin rules to drop (discard) messages marked as SpamAssassin. I’ve found a thread here talking about this feature in connection with version 1.9.2. of Interworx-CP. What are the options with current version of Interworx-CP?

Please note that I am not talking about SMTP-level message dropping - this is turned off globally and I want it to stay that way. I’m looking for a way for clients to turn on/off message dropping for their domain as they see fit (e.g. the same way the can currently override SpamAssassin rules).


The closest you can get to dropping in the current version is to create an IMAP folder named “Spam” for the e-mail user. Assuming SpamAssassin is enabled for that SiteWorx account, tagged Spam will go to that IMAP folder rather than the user’s INBOX.

If they’re still insistant that they want that e-mail DELETED and they NEVER want to even check it to delete it, you could create a cronjob to clean out the Spam imap folder periodically.


Thanks for info. Is anything going to change in this area in version 3.0, so that I could give them some hope? :wink:


Yes, we’re allowing folks to potentially lose valid e-mail by automatically deleting SpamAssassin-tagged e-mail in 3.0.

Can you tell how I feel about this option? :slight_smile:

Really though, yes, the option will be there.


Shouldn’t you be able to put a line in a user-based conf-file for Spam Assassin like “.spamassassin/user_prefs” specifying the function you want?

You can do any SpamAssassin preference you want via SiteWorx. But SpamAssassin has no preference/rule regarding mail delivery. All SpamAssassin itself does is tag mail.

Ah yes, sorry about that. But what he can do is to make a procmail script based on the mail-headers, yes?!