Web based Email system/interface

Hi all

Need a little help please, we have users who use our Horde email for web based email and are having a hard time using Horde email interface and find it a little out of date.

So is there other type of web based email system we can use with a more upto date interface? I have used Squirrelmail and Horde but need something more upto date for my users.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


Maybe RoundCube?

Thank you, looks nice, any others on the market?

There are dozens of them that you can install – Squirrelmal is also available to you on any InterWorx server by going to mydomain.com/squirrelmail instead of mydomain.com/webmail

And before you ask no you can’t change this url witout ediing config files which may/will probably be overwritten next time we update :wink:

If you don’t like either of these do a google serach but horde, squirrelmail, and roudcube are among the best/favorites.

To bad @mail (atmail) cant be intergrated into Interworx, nice stuff, BUT a nice price as well.

By the way first I ever heard of Round Cube, nice looking.