Webmail, and Server Reboots

I understand that you can use both HORDE and SQUIRRELMAIL for the Webmail accounts with Interworx. However, I don’t see the option to switch users over from Horde (the default) to Squirrelmail?

Also, whenever I reboot my Redhat server (reboot or shutdown -r) i notice that when I login to Interworx, of the 5 services that should start automatically, neither “Web Server” or “MySQL Server” start. I have to manually start them through “System Services” in Interworx. Is it normal that i have to do this?

Thanks =)

run these commands on your server as root to make those services start at boot time:

chkconfig --level 345 mysqld on
chkconfig --level 345 httpd on

Squirrelmail is accessible under /squirrelmail (as opposed to /webmail) You can can change this if you prefer by editing the /home/interworx/etc/httpd-custom.conf


Thanks so much Paul =) Worked like a charm!