Website Update -- 4-7-06

Good evening, at long last you can see what I’ve been spending 80% of my time on since I came on staff, the revision, composition, and input of nearly 300 FAQ’s into the site! (plus a few other surprises)

On the main site menu you can see a link to which contains faq’s for licensing, general/presales, and features (“Does InterWorx . . .?” type questions) questions. It also links to the faq’s in the docs section.

If you go to the docs section, you will see more FAQ’s there.

Under Installation, I’ve added two faq pages one for general installation issues and one for issues related to clustering.

There is a small faq for website administrators – a more elaborate one will be written as I have time.

The faq for system administrators has been populated, but more questions are on the way.

A new Troubleshooting Guide has been added as well, answering questions that are a bit more elaborate than basic FAQ’s.

A new DNS Guide is being finished.

At the bottom of the docs index is something else I’m quite happy to introduce: a Google search box, making searchable; and for info not available on our site, you can search the entire Internet from the convenience of the same page.

The rest of the staff have been busy writing and revising many of the How-To’s on the site. There are many more than before and we are excited to get them out to you.

I’ve added a page about ScriptWorx to the main site and intend to use that as a model for pages outlining our other key features.

For those who would like to show pride in using InterWorx-CP we’ve added a page with authorized interworx logos to add to your website

In the coming weeks and months, additional things will be added to both the docs site and things may be moved around to better places than I originally placed them. A couple pages seem to load slowly and will be broken up. Pages explaining NodeWorx and SiteWorx are in the worx (pun intended :wink: )

Obviously there is much more to do – a never ending battle, I’m afraid – but we didn’t want to delay getting this info out to you anymore. is a very organic site and will always be growing and evolving. is intended to serve as a resource to our users, in addition to a way to promote our product, with that in mind we want your thoughts and feedback. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, corrections, you can post them by responding to this thread in the forums or sending them to us at feedback (at) If you send us a typo, please include the sentence that you find it in so we can locate and correct it quickly. Thanks.