What are possible causes that would stop graphs?

I like to first state that this is not something I believe to have happen with Iworx, i just want others opinions as to wether my hosting companies explaintion of why my server was offline makes sense.

I couldn’t get to my server earlier today, no email, web, or even ssh. When I contacted support they said it was b/c my “network service on the OS seemed to have suddenly failed” and a “service network restart”.

When I was able to get back in I noticed my uptime was about 3 mins so I asked why? I was told it was b/c of something with the keyboard locking up and needed to be rebooted.

Now here is my question that goes with the subject line. Besides the uptime I saw on NodeWorx showing 3 mins I also noticed the graphs didn’t work from the time I noticed the server being out and its rebooting. I dont believe a “Network Service” problem would totally stop Iworx graphs from working (CPU, Mem, all of them).

Am I wrong or right on that one? I just have this nag’n assumption (and thats all it is right now) that my box was powered down by a failed UPS or something and this was just an excuse.

Thanks for reading!


This is the only thing I found in the Iworx log:
Jan 24 10:06:07 iworx [debug] lock barfing: /home/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini
Jan 24 10:06:07 iworx [debug] backing up: /home/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini
Jan 24 10:06:07 iworx [debug] orig already exists: /home/interworx/etc/.remote-access.ini.orig
Jan 24 10:06:07 iworx [debug] lock barf success: /home/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini

After that last command the next one is the startup.

The iworx error log should be in .1 file, but that file is empty.

I’d say the box was rebooted at some point Justin and possibly off if the nodeworx graphs show a gap.


Chris, thanks for your input and…
Yes, there was a gap from when I couldn’t connect to my server and when I sent in the support ticket.

The thing that really got me thinking was the reason for the “reboot” saying b/c the keyboard locked up after doing a service network restart. Because without that so called reboot I would have been able to see that the server was one the whole time and it was something else.

But I just have to wonder why a tech would lie to me and not just say your UPS exploded and has been replaced. I mean, my box has run fine for over a year and can’t think of any reason why it would just all of a sudden have a complete meltdown where nothing was running, no logs or anything (I check a bunch of different log files) but it was still powered on. And then after a service network restart “fixed” the problem a reboot was needed b/c the keyboard froze up.