What does Resolve DNS Names option in Packages Really do?

I understand what DNS resolving is, but I am having a hard time understanding what the option in SiteWorx accounts (and when setting up a SiteWorx Package) to allow “Resolve DNS Names” (choice of YES or NO).

What does that REALLY do? I have some sites set to YES and some set to NO and haven’t noticed any difference in how the site works.

Anyone interested in educating this old fart as to how that option should be used?

It’s really only used during stats processing. When “Resolve DNS Names” is off, stats will only show IP addresses, and should run faster than when “Resolve DNS Names” is on.

When “Resolve DNS Names” is on, you will get domain names instead of IP addresses, and stats will run a little slower (since it has to resolve those IP addresses). However, with this option on, you will also get country statistical information (i.e, breakdown of visitors by country). You do not get this country information with “Resolve DNS Names” off.


Socheat, Thanks! That clarify’s things for me.