what is the difference and how can I solve that ?

we have 2 servers

server 1 - cpanel / bind installed
i’ve queried this server with dnsreport.com.
there is no reds

our second server is interworx / djbdns-tinydns installed
i’ve queried this server with dnsreport.com too
but there is a lot of reds ( failures )

how can I solve these reds…

It looks to me like you don’t have a valid hostname.

Log in as root and type

cat /etc/hosts

You SHOULD get something like this:

[root@iworx root]# cat /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost iworx.transwarphosting.net iworx.transwarphosting.net
[root@iworx root]#

If you don’t get a hostname like I have here iworx.transwarphosting.net then that’s probably your problem

To fix this take a look at http://iworx-faq.transwarpsupport.net/index.php?action=artikel&cat=2&id=20&artlang=en&highlight=hostname

If that’s not the problem, let us know.

here is my /etc/hosts file

#--------------------- sencer.cemre.net sencer localhost.localdomain localhost sencer.cemre.net twt-01.cemre.net twt-02.cemre.net

Another thing for you to check

I want you to go to your NodeWorx => System Services => DNS Server => Overview

and then look at your Primary and Secondary DNS serves

Then click on Zonex on the left menu and go into the individual DNS zones

First make sure your hostname has an A record

Second, take a look at your undividual zone records for the zones and make sure the NS records also match your nameserver.

yes I have A record for all my hostnames…

Oxionet, I replied to your ticket. I was unable to login to your box via NodeWorx using the information you provided. Could you update the ticket w/ the correct login info and we’ll check it out?