when we have spf records?

I think its time interworx include spf record by default in all sites.
I have lot of customers, and servers, and when they send email to hotmail, mails are recived like spam, and never sended to inbox.
SImialr things happen with aol, etc etc.

When we have this on iworx?

Please !

Add a txt-record per domain:

Host:               Type:   Target:
yourdomain.com      txt     v=spf1 a mx ~all

I not want add manually…
Imagine make this on servers with 250 sites !! and multiple servers ; (
And every new site created sombody do this manually?

No way !

Yeah, well in this moment this is all we have :frowning:

sombody know how add in batch ?
Some easy way?

Some official answer about automatic spf please? form iwrox guys : )

You could with extreme caution do it directly in the Iworx DNS Database.

The command exactly I cant think off top of my head without looking - and Iworx wouldn’t ‘support’ you if anything went wrong, but it would be quick, easy and would take affect within 5 mins :wink:

well i need something suported…
I have very large list of complaints due this, i just need add in all the sites, exist sites and new sites !!

This its a critcial feature, shouldbe suported long time ago…i love iworx, but dont really understand why this feature take long time to arrival, when its critical !!

Enable it manually for those who complain. This way you’ll be able to give your customers an answer, for the time being.

Everybody complaint !
hotmail its one of the webmails more used across teh world…
I need change in all sites, partiall fix, its not politic acepatble ffor decent hosting service :smiley:

If I can figure out the way the tinydns zones are set up, I can probably write a shellscript to traverse and set it up… but again it wouldnt be supported and I personally wouldnt support it either lol. If this were BIND this wouldnt be a problem for me, I’m still a new tinydns user… I’m getting there though!

I think its time IWORX finally add this feature…i see the first post ion thsi forum around year 2004, and today its year 2007 and not fixed yet !!

Just manual spf recors…no way :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont need to start writing shell scripts to accomplish this! All DNS Data is stored in the internal MySQL database which is converted out and written to the DNS files often.

If I get 10minutes, I’ll have a look at what SQL it would require, but I’m not promising anything, nor will it come with any form of guarantees. :slight_smile:

Thankyou EverythingWeb

if you can do, please duet, anyway be more easy if iworx guys post some oddical repply to this : ) and better if they make offcial solution to this.

I’m sure at some point there will be an official response to it, with possibly a indication of whether it will be included or not.

For me and my company however, I would rather the guys worked on V3.0 and bring about the features that we need (and cant do at the moment: own SiteWorx scripts etc) rather than building the features into the current set, which can be accomplished in a quite easy fashion.

I’ll have a look in a bit for you.

SPF support is included in 3.0. We’ve added customizable DNS templates (per reseller), so you can easily add SPF records to the template. However, all old accounts will need to be updated manually.

While we won’t officially support you guys messing with the internal iworx tables, as long as you backup the iworx.dns_records table before you start, you should be ok.

I love, Interworx, and love the support , and how they work.
But i disapoint 2 things …and sorry.

Version 3.0: i listen about this for long time, please can finally coment ETA for this?

Lanuague translation to spanish: i listen a lot about his, never avialable, time run and run…and nothing.

I know Iworx dev team, worka nd work and work, but please urry up with that 3.0 upgrade, one thing like spf records its waiting from year 2004 : )

I love iworx… and want say thank you to iworx dev for this wonderfull cotnrol panel…but just urry up guys : )

I can send you the Spanish translation. Email me directly or open a ticket, and I will send it to you.

Spanish translation !! woa!! thankyou !!
Can mailme version 3.0 too :rolleyes: jijiji

Thankyou !

Yes, but I need your email address. :slight_smile: PM your email to me or email me directly.