Where does nodeworx get...

the server name from? I changed it in etc/hosts and etc/sysconfig/network and rebooted, but the name did not change.

In addition where do I install the main server certificate at?

Fileman is complaining big time when in siteworx about the lack of



hostname: /home/interworx/iworx.ini (near the top)

cert: httpd-custom.conf (under the # InterWorx-CP certificate setup section)


Ok got the name changed. Still confused by the certificate.

I generated a key through the panel under server setup. Is this used by nodeworx as his SSL certificate, assuming of course that nodeworx is running as a server.

When I access a siteworx site and then access fileman and then edit a file it keeps asking me to install a certificate. The information comes up for localhost.localdomain and it will do it every single time I try to edit a file. This occurs only under fileman.

I still can’t figure out what’s going on…

with the key.

Everything seems to work great until I go to edit a file in fileman, then I get this message to install a certificate.

I set up one for the server and installed it, but it had no affect on this problem…

cert: httpd-custom.conf (under the # InterWorx-CP certificate setup section)

I’ve got the new certificates installed and working, can I just replace the interworx one with the one I generated for the server?

Not trying to be a bug, but is this correct?

Yes, that will work fine bluesin. They may get overwritten on upgrade though so I’d make backups of them. In the meantime we’ll make sure new RPMs don’t overwrite.


Let me amend this. If you edited the -custom.conf I’d just make sure that you don’t point to iworx.crt that is already there. Point to your own cert file and that will get around any overwrite issues.


Where is the -custom.conf file to edit?

Just now getting around to getting this certificate problem resolved…



Chris, is that all I need to change? Any restarts I need to do?

sorry, yes:

service iworx restart


Sorry for being so obtuse this evening, but from where do I execute said commad service?

I’ve been away from this server quite a bit in the last month…

Just from a root prompt bluesin, if ‘service’ isn’t in your path just use:

/etc/init.d/iworx restart



That did it…


Any movement on the ensim scripts? I’m going to start moving “live” data sites soon…

none yet bluesin, but we’ll have it for the version 2.0 release which is slated for mid-year.