Where is the key?

We just setup a new 3 server cluster. The cluster manager had a bad RAID controller. It corrupted the file system and crashed. No active sites on it so no big deal. With the cluster manager down we can’t login to the nodes control panel to get the key for the remote mounts that needs to be pasted into the cluster manager when we get it back online tomorrow. We can log into the cluster nodes with SSH. Can we get the keys via ssh and if so where are they?

Thanks for any input.


You may want to submit a ticket with the server login information of your nodes to our support desk. In this case your nodes need to manually unset from node mode back to standalone mode and this requires us to manipulate a bunch of files and settings in order to make this happen. Even if you were able to get the API keys, you probably wouldn’t be able to re-add the nodes.

Hi Dan,

Actually we just blew everything off of all three servers and loaded from scratch. Best to start with a clean slate. It all seems to be working fine now.