Where to edit the email templates?

I’ve looked all over to find where you can edit the email templates. I’ve searched the file stucture, the forum and the docs. I have probably missed something somewhere though…

The closest I came was on the tutorial at http://interworx.info/iworx-cp/support/tutorials/nodeworx/emailtemplates.php, but I cannot find that menu in my NodeWorx!?

Further more I wonder if there’s an email that goes out when creating new SiteWorx users? If so, where can I find it and can I customize it?

I’m right now working on integrating Whois.Cart() via HAPI and have seen in the forum that there should be an email sent out with login details to SiteWorx together with the emails from Whois.Cart().

There seems to be some Iworx email template tables in $HOME/var/lib/mysql/iworx/email_templates.*, but how do I access the database? Is there a default password for user iworx? Or, maybe this DB should never be accessed directly?


By the way, I love the template system for building themes…very nice indeed.

Unfortunately, we pulled that section from InterWorx while we rework the interface. It’ll be back shortly, sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning:

ohh, any way to at least change the emails that go out to new accounts in the meantime?


If I understand you correctly, you mean when you create a new SiteWorx account, an email gets sent to the email address of the new account user stating their account has been created?

If this is what you mean, this email is actually not a function of InterWorx. If you are using a billing system (e.g., ModernBill), this is what would be responsible for sending out the “new account” email. I would look in your billing system for this feature.

Ahh, Ok…I thought that InterWorx-CP sent out an email on either a manual creation from within NodeWorx or when an automated one is created from i.e Whois.Cart()

So, if I understand correct…InterWorx-CP does not send out emails upon new account creation? If that’s the case, sorry for the confusion.


The functionality that was removed had to do with email sent out when bandwidth/disc space approaced the limit, and a couple other things IIIRC. Never had new account email creation.

I hate to open up a old thread, but I have been looking all over the forum for directions to change the wording for the bandwidth/disc space emails that IW does send out. Specifically where is this done? Thanks!

It is done in the iworx database itself !

Database iworx
Table : email_templates


Pascal as always, thank you.

No pbm R-n-R, always pleased to help