Where to find IW SSL certs?

I’d like to apologize for erronously calling this thread “Where to find IW SSL certs” as when I started writing it I actually started looking for them. By the half of the writing, I found them and exported on my workstation, but the problem persists.
I’ve got a problem with some of the Perl scripts I wrote for interfacing with InterWorx API.
Whenever I execute them on the server that hosts the InterWorx I’m talking to, there is no error whatsoever. On my work computer I get the following error:

Can’t locate object method “value” via package “RPC::XML::Client::send_request: HTTP server error: Can’t connect to A.B.C.D:2443 (certificate verify failed)” (perhaps you forgot to load “RPC::XML::Client::send_request: HTTP server error: Can’t connect to A.B.C.D:2443 (certificate verify failed)”?) at ./ls_mailq.pl line 99.

The IP is obviously not A.B.C.D :wink: I tried to disable SSL authentication in the script and that would still not work.
So, I imagine I need to copy over the certs from IW server to my workstation. I copied iworx.crt over to my /etc/ssl and I still get the same exact error message except the line number is 90.
Here is the code: https://gist.github.com/grepwood/126298cf11401779effa/5a8fd1973fc4c0afb9bd65bf976991a58ccbd493 (now accepts API key :))
So, can someone please tell me where to put those certs?

Hi grep

I hope you don’t mind, and it’s early here but a couple of thoughts popped into mind

Is your cert a paid cert or self created - if self created, I’m thinking you might have it in correct place, but it cannot verify the cert

Also, I presume you would have used port 2080 for none SSL and not port 80

I hope that helps and sorry if I’m wrong

Many thanks


Hi John.
The cert is paid for. I suspect that it’s just my localhost that has an incomplete set of CA certs and here’s why:
I’m working on Gentoo Linux with QupZilla browser. This browser complains about SSL cert when I open the IW panel page. On the other hand, Firefox on OSX 10.10 does not exhibit such behavior, so it’s probably a missing cert on Linux.

Default port is 2443 (line 14) if not otherwise specified (lines 49-51).

Hi grep

Many thanks, but I’m still not too sure it’s a cert issue.

I’m thinking it might be that qupzilla does not hold all trusts ca as you said in last post, and you will need to add trust ca to browser used by your provider, or perhaps there outdated.

This is where I’d check first

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks