WHMCS connect to existing Siteworx account

Hi all, this is for the WHCMS users out there: Does anyone know if it is possible to connect an existing Siteworx account to a WHCMS order? Usualy I create an order in WHMCS and have it provisioning the account and it’s parameters to NodeWorx. From then on the account and the order in WHMC are linked and I can see stats like disk usage etc.

But today I had to set up an account in NodeWorx first (did it from the customers office and didn’t want to do the WHCMS stuff with him) and now I would like to connect that SiteWorx account with WHMCS. The module command “Create” wouldn’t work, as it detects the exsiting account. Any other way this can be done?

Naturally I could delete the account in Nodeworx and have it recreated, but the whole site is live already (we kinda had to make an emergency move with their site to our server, as their old provider is gone).



I bet John will be the first to answer :o)

Hi Michael

Yes, you were correct :slight_smile: hope your keeping well.

To be honest, I’d have to think about this but it might just be easier to do a full back of siteworx account, delete and create from whmcs, then restore backup. Most likely circa 5 - 10 mins I would think perhaps.

I think if you did not want to do this, then it might be easier to change the whmcs account over siteworx account, as IW link the unix name to a lot services.

I hope you don’t mind my thoughts

Many thanks


Ha, so you are using some client to read and write, now I remember… Damn, I actually hid the text “I bet…” by making it the same color as the background and planned to point it out after you answered :wink:

I thought about backup and restore too, I just wanted to check here if maybe there’s a trick or something. But you’re right, safer to go the right way.

Hi Michael

Haha yes tapatalk :slight_smile: but it’s driving me mad as it fails first time connect and I have to access another forum then come back to IW forum.

I would think that’s the safest way, so it’s correct from the start.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and your still enjoying IW.

Many thanks