WhoisCart() Question

Not sure where this would go - but i got WhoisCart after seeing it advertised on the main interworx.info page a few months ago. I was under the impression that integration was seamless and that when someone paid for a plan on WhoisCart, NodeWorx would automatically create the site, create a Siteworx account for it with a random pw, etc etc.

Was i completely wrong or is this possible? If it is, i can’t seem to figure out how to go about it. If someone would please point me in the right direction…

That was my impression. I haven’t tried WhoisCart yet but I have done installed both Drams and ModernBill.

In general the steps are to create a server key in NodeWorx and then you need to configure the billing software to point to your IP and give it the key. If you’ve done both of these things then it SHOULD work.

Hi Int,

You’ll definitely find an easier time with Whois.Cart() if you source support from the helpdesk at http://auracle.whoiscart.net - always better to get it from the proverbial horse’s mouth than from third parties which always increase instead of allieviate confusion.

If you examine your whoiscart.net downloads section, there’s an Interworx HAPI module available for download. Kindly download it, and read the PDF file provided with the latter attentively - it details integration from A to Z. If you have any specific questions, myself or my staff will be most pleased to assist you at the link above.


Hi Alexandre,

I was sure if i asked on your forum, i would be directed to ask Interworx themselves - that’s why I asked here =)

Thanks for the info. I’ll definately check that out tonight =) Thanks to timryberg for his reply as well =)

We never pass the buck on support.