Why is Mail Server Unresponsive

90% of connections timeout, webmail connection fail.

This is a new installation / migration from another server, so it COULD be a DNS issue, but I’ve waited a few days. And webmail timeouts have nothing to do with DNS, correct? I should be able to use the IP address of the server?

Logs are bland- the view connection attempts that make it are logged, nothing else.

Traceroute zips on through to all the domain names, dnsstuff.com
DNS check report comes up clean.

Any ideas welcome.

Just responded to your support ticket, hubbadubba.

Socheat wrote:

Try removing bl.spamcop.net from your MTA Settings blacklists. I’m trying to ping bl.spamcop.net from your box, and I’m getting 100% packet loss:

Is it just me, or are other people having trouble with bl.spamcop.net? It’s part of the default install. I’ve had trouble with bl.spamcop.net on other mail servers in the past, but it’s never caused trouble for my iworx boxes.


Actually, Paul just pointed out that probably nobody can ping bl.spamcop.net. They may be blocking pings. But, it could still be the case that your server is having difficulty establishing/getting a connection to bl.spamcop.net, especially if removing them from your blacklists fixed the problem.

Spoke too soon. rebooting server seems to help, but after a few minutes, the timeouts start occurring again. Anyone have any qmail troubleshooting tips?

Paul’s on the job, we’ll have an update for you soon. :slight_smile:

And it’s fixed. You guys are the best!

What was the problem? Maybe memory limit?

Permissions. :slight_smile: Somehow the permissions in /service/send, /service/smtp, /service/imap4, etc, and the matching /var/log dirs were set to the wrong user.

The owner of the folders and files in question was changed to sshd. Pretty weird. But then again, so was my whole setup process.

The installation started as a VMWare installation using the single-user licence, which was tested, then migrated to a XenExpress host using the XenSource physical to virtual process.

My guess is the p2v process changed the ownership, but I can’t confirm that since the original VMWare image has been deleted.

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again laud the Interworx support staff. Any other software company would have looked for a reason to say my installation was not supported.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done something unorthodox and Interworx has rescued me. Paul and Socheat, you and the rest of the Interworx team simply “get” the service thing better than any software service providers I have ever encountered.

Thanks for your help!

[QUOTE=hubbadubba;13741]Paul and Socheat, you and the rest of the Interworx team simply “get” the service thing better than any software service providers I have ever encountered.[/QUOTE]Couldn’t agree more!!