Would Interworx support Mandrake

Hi !
On my next dedicated server, there will be Linux Mandrake 10 in french…
Does Interworx support this distribution and version ?
If not, will it support it in the future ? When ?

Thanking you in advance

Thanks to Pascal (another board member here and iworx-cp user) the next version will support French and the current version can be made to support if it it’s needed before the next release.



Yeah i already know that, “merci a toi pascal !”

I’m not a boss in linux: i mentionned that my distribution will be in french, maybe it would change something or not ! I don’t know !

But, basically, i wanted to know if interworx would support the mandrake distribution (cause you’re only talking about redhat based distribs on this website) :frowning:

anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply to me Chris :slight_smile:

Does Interworx supports Mandrake ?



The only distrubutions currently supported are listed on the InterWorx home page, at the bottom. Since Mandrake is an RPM-based distribution, just like Red Hat, it should not be too bad or take too long to support that distribution as well. We have no ETA at this time, however. Chris might have a better idea, so let us see what he says.


Thank you :slight_smile:
we’ll wait for chris response !

The short answer is “it could work” but we don’t support it yet and have no ETA for supporting it roman. You are welcome to try the install on Mandrake if you like but I have no idea how far it will get or if it will work at all. I’d be surprised if it ‘just worked’.


ok thanks, i think i’ll try to install fedora !

With minor changes to the config and paths it works semi ok on Mandrake. They will not be able to support it, but I can tell you it works somewhat anyway. I dont have time to type up the changes I made, though it might be better to wait till they have it working anyway.