XML error at line 1, check URL

What does this mean?

Its from the email:

Cron <iworx@SERVERNAME> cd /home/interworx/cron ; ./iworx.pex --quad_daily

Maybe the Cron Job has the wrong path or string and cant execute

Actually this is an error communicating with the license server during synchronization (that’s what the --quad_daily cron job does). It is normally not serious unless it is happening often, or you begin to receive warnings that your InterWorx license is about to expire. Do you get these warnings during certain times of day? Is your server behind an external firewall?

FYI: If you see a license expiration warning, you can force InterWorx to re-syncronize by running this script as root:


Dan, I have started getting this on all 4 of our servers every few days… seems to be random as to when it happens.

Give it another week or so. We recently made a change to our license server which should fix this problem, across all servers.