Yahoo DomainKeys

I’m trying to setup a server to use Yahoo DomainKeys anti-spam measures… do you have any technical guidance on how best to do this?


Ok, here’s the problem, I need to create DNS TXT record entries as follows: IN TXT “some stuff”; IN TXT “more stuff
But, the Interworx DNS zone editing template doesn’t make this possible (I can only create TXT records for the primary domain and _domainkey is not a valid subdomain) and I can’t find the text file that contains the DNS zone entries, so I’m assuming it’s in a table somewhere…

any ideas?


Djbdns stores dns data in a database, so this must be done from the interface.

Take a look at the bottom of this page to see how.

Unfortunately the interface does not let me input DNS records in the required format… TXT blahblahblah (note the ‘subdomain’ _domainkey). The interface only allows TXT records with the primary domain… the actual domain name input field is disabled when inputting a TXT record…

I managed to edit the DNS tables myself in SQL but I don’t think that’s a very good long term solution…

This is fixed in the coming version of iworx-cp.


Sorry to re-open an old thread, but are there any plans to implement the domain-keys functions in Iworx?