Yesterday's Web Server Logs

Where are the logs from previous days kept in the latest version of NodeWorx?

EDIT: Allow me to clarify…

For just one specific site. Server logs for one site from yesterday. Thank you.

If memory serves /home/<user_directory>/var/<domain.tld>/logs/ or something like that.


Your memory fails you. That directory only contains the current days logs.

aww, be nice OAF, especially since Tim is 100% correct and his memory usually serves him pretty well, as in this case.

You need to verify that you have log saving turned on for the site in question and then look in the directory Tim suggested.


Well I wasn’t attempting to be mean. I guess text doesn’t portray sarcasm.

How/where do you turn on “log saving”? I assuming it’s too late to get a log from a previous day if it’s not already turned on.

verify that you have log saving turned on

Heu where is that ?

I never see this option. I know the the save tranfer log but that all. (?)


It’s on the SiteWorx account edit screen Pascal.


“Web Transfer Logs”

That option is turned on at every site I’ve created and I have no previous days logs.

hmmm if it is the “Web Transfer Logs” I confirm that there is never the previous day. Also this setting doesn’t log the error but all the transfert logs. I’ll check for the “unfound” option told by chris

I’ll Let you know Oaf

Also remember that on the SiteWorx Prefferences menu the user can turn the option OFF there as well so make sure to check both the SiteWorx account edit screen and that:

Save Web Transfer Logs {}yes {}no

Those are all set to yes as well. Still no archived logs.

I’ll open a bug internally and we’ll check it out as well.