Zimbra / Interworx as a Dual Solution...

Good evening All.

As a next step in our hosting / managed services offerings for our clients, we’ve signed on with Zimbra to be a Hosting Provider. Like Interworx, Zimbra’s just one of those really nice solutions to a number of customer wants and needs, and we’re excited to be moving this direction. We are still going to stay with Interworx as our main hosting platform, even for the Zimbra clients and therein lies my difficulty.

The combination works very nicely if I set up the domain in both locations, create the email accounts on the Zimbra Server, change the MX record in the Interworx server and comment out the appropriate line in the /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains file. Mail flows nicely, and we can manage the rest of the resources through Interworx (The best of both worlds).

The headache comes when we’re performing mailbox migrations to Zimbra from existing Interworx domains where it will take a while to move everyone’s data and we have need for what Zimbra refers to as a “Split Domain” scenario. From the way I understand the functionality of the Interworx system, I can’t figure out a way to have the two mail servers cooperatively splitting mailboxes and still being able to pass messages between users inside the domain between the servers.

Has anyone tried this and found a good way to do it? Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated. Thanks!

Phil Malmstrom