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Interworx 5.1.0 Now in the Beta Channel!

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  • Interworx 5.1.0 Now in the Beta Channel!

    If you'd like to take part in the beta for 5.1.0, simply log into Nodeworx and go to Server > Software Updates and change the dropdown at Interworx Update Channel to "Beta"

    (For more detailed information on Software Channels, go here:

    • Added configurable SSLCipherSuite and SSLProtocol options
    • Added InterWorx license server IP to default firewall whitelist
    • Removed requirement for OLD_PASSWORDS in client MySQL servers
    • Added a 'DNS' category to the plugins page
    • Updated the quick help for smtp greetings to explicitly require a FQDN
    • High System Load notifications will now include output from the program "top", which will provide a snapshot of what is currently utilizing system resources at the time the notification is triggered
    • Added --restart-http option to domain-promoter.pex
    • Added option to cascade enabling Remote Assistance from cluster managers to nodes
    • Added a CLI interface for the password generator
    • Select if a SiteWorx backup should be applied to the storage quota from the settings page
    • Added many query* API actions to provide access to data inside forms
    • Added API action to get storage and bandwidth usage in MB
    • Updated Roundcube from 0.8.6 to 1.0.3
    • Updated SpamAssassin to version 3.4
    • Updated php-iworx to 5.5.22

    Security Upgrades

    • Infrastructure
      • Replaced the tlsserverciphers file with more secure default
      • Updated default Apache ssl.conf configuration to disable SSLv3
      • Updated iworx-web server ssl configuration to disable SSLv3

    • 3rd Party Apps
      • Moved PhpMyAdmin and webmail session files to private directories

    Bug Fixes

    • Interface
      • Fixed a bug preventing the reseller edit form from displaying the correct billing day
      • Fixed sorting of array-based columns in the web interface
      • Added newest-first viewing to the log viewer
      • The Siteworx user 'Login' permission is now checked by default
      • Fixed unintended wrapping of form descriptions
      • Filtered out CLI control characters that were appearing in the browser in some cases

    • Infrastructure
      • [*=1]Changed order of daily cron execution to prevent root emails during future Ioncube updates
        [*=1]Fixed ownership of generated .license files
        [*=1]Added support for the EL7 Apache mod_php configuration
        [*=1]Made Apache module list payload read-only
        [*=1]Fixed a bug that would prevent restoring SiteWorx backups

    • Upgrade system
      • Fixed an issue where manually running an upgrade step could cause permissions issues
      • Increased retry frequency of Percona upgrade step

    • Service
      • Web
        [*=1]Added SHA-256 as the default SSL certificate digest algorithm.
        [*=1]Added new --sync-default-vhosts function to ~iworx/bin/httpd.pex to recreate the vhost_000_defaults.conf file
        [*=1]Fiixed .htaccess generation permissions
        [*=1]Fixed a bug causing IPs to remain in vhost configs after the IP was deleted
        [*=1]Fixed a bug where changing a secondary domain's IP would not consistently update the web server IP configuration
        [*=1]Fixed a situation where the namevirtualhost file could be out of sync when changing Apache ports

    1. Mail
      • Fixed a bug causing SpamAssassin to delete Spam/Ham folders
      • Changed vpopmail logging to 'errors only'

    1. Firewalls
      1. Fixed a bug where ip6tables could be restored on firewall restart even if not managed by InterWorx</li>

    2. DB
      • Adjusted DB username validator to allow eight characters</li>

    • Plugins
      • Updated IPv6 management calls to the CloudFlare Client API

    • Languages
      • Fixed several hard-coded language entries

    • Install System
      • Added quota partition detection to install process
      • Added a delay to IP binding in the init script

    • IP System

    1. Secondary domain use now appears in the IP Management page
    2. Prevented duplicate entries in IPv6 Pool selection form
    3. Fix pulling of IPv6 addresses from pools

    • Domain System
      • configuration option to prevent cross-account subdomains
      • Added advisor to subdomain add form for creation
      • Added directory deletion option to subdomain deletion
      • Fixed a bug causing domain IP updates to fail at updating pointer domains
      • Redirect domain deletion now triggers server alias sync

    • Clustering
      [*=1]Fixed a problem with incorrect mail directories on cluster nodes
      [*=1]Command Queue can now skip duplicate commands for faster recovery
      [*=1]Command Queue now truncates history to prevent load issues when a node is failing to replicate
      [*=1]Fixed addition of cluster nodes to database
      [*=1]Added node hostnames in place of IPs on NodeWorx System Graphs and SiteWorx Recent Visitors

    • CLI
      • Fixed a stacktrace using the config action for System Health
      • Fixed an issue with input of absolute file paths and permissions when using the /usr/bin/nodeworx and /usr/bin/siteworx CLI commands
      • ixed an issue with display of array data in the CLI default output
      • Fixed adding SiteWorx accounts in the Interactive CLI without adding a new package
      • Fixed subdomain query reports in the CLI

    • Backup-Restore
      • Fixed a race condition flaw in SiteWorx backup creation
      • Fixed scheduled backups to fail silently if the package option is disabled

    1. API
      • Updated API documentation to 5.1.0

    • 3rd Party Apps
      • Fixed session functions in SquirrelMail's SASQL plugin
      • Fixed Portuguese UI issue in PhpMyAdmin

    Feel free to discuss this release or ask questions here, but for the serious issues, open a ticket at the support desk.

  • #2
    Is nginx included in this release? What is the version of Apache?

    Thank you!


    • #3
      Hi dss,

      I installed this beta on my vps.

      I could not find nginx. Apache is 2.2.

      I reverted my snapshot because phpmyadmin is not loading.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,


      • #4
        Hi Raymond,

        Thank you very much the information!


        • #5
          Roundcube 1.0.3 was released: 29 September 2014
          Now is 8 months later and actual version is 1.1.1 with some security updates.

          It looks like your update cycle is very very very long. Before you release Interworx update with 3rd party applications, it is OLD! Hmmm.
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            Originally posted by standus View Post
            Roundcube 1.0.3 was released: 29 September 2014
            Now is 8 months later and actual version is 1.1.1 with some security updates.

            It looks like your update cycle is very very very long. Before you release Interworx update with 3rd party applications, it is OLD! Hmmm.
            It's due to the way InterWorx 5.0 was designed for (old PHP versions), the 5.1 will allow them to upgrade everything to the latest version for PHP5.4+
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            • #7

              I have just seen 5.1 has hit release candidate.

              I will be updating our test server when it appears

              Many thanks



              • #8

                I have installed the upgrade to v5.1, but the install screen showed some failures, as an example, roundcube, but strangely, it shows as installed, and when accessing webmail roundcube, shows as 1.0.3.

                Please could I ask if anyone does see dns in plugin section and where do you find the input for configuration of SSLciphersuite and SSL protocols

                I'll spend more time looking through v5.1 over the weekend.


                • #9

                  I'm sorry, I have found these 2, the dns package is shown when you add or edit a siteworx account, which is used to resolve IP address to readable format and the SSL ciphers are configurable from nodeworx, server, SSL Certs

                  Also, myphpadmin works lovely

                  Many thanks



                  • #10
                    Hi John,

                    I've updated again, also no problem with phpmyadmin.

                    However, I'm wondering about Apache 2.4. Beginning 2012 I found this post ( In this release candidate I could not find anything about Apache 2.4. Anyone know the status for this?

                    Last edited by Raymond; 06-15-2015, 01:44 PM.


                    • #11
                      Hi Raymond

                      Many thanks

                      Ngix I thought was going into 5.1, but I guess iw maybe rolling it out, as the MySQL was also missing, perconna and the other which I cannot think of its name sorry

                      It would be lovely to know

                      Also, I think I'm wrong over DNS plugin, rereading above does state found in plugin section.

                      Many thanks



                      • #12

                        I'm trying to find the "configurable SSLCipherSuite and SSLProtocol options". Is it in the control panel somewhere? Or ...?



                        • #13
                          Hi xmmedia

                          If your iw version is 5.1, you will find these setting in nodeworx, server, ssl

                          If your running iw v5, then you will have to ssh into server and change, but the locations or files depend upon if your wanting to change Apache or email

                          Iw v5.1 is currently release candidate, but hopefully will not be long before going release

                          If your only a siteworx user, then you will need to contact your host provider

                          I hope that helps

                          Many thanks



                          • #14
                            If the value is changed, does it remove all the values in the existing siteworx vhost config files? In other words, how does it deal with the settings on existing siteworx accounts?


                            • #15
                              Hi xmmedia

                              It does not change retrospectively

                              This you would need to amend manually, however, once you have set the ssl ciphers for vhost, it would use them going forward with all new vhosts.

                              As I don't know which version your using, I'll assume iw v5, and therefore you can hook this change for cipher easily, just look up my sticky post on the forum

                              Many thanks