1.8.2? next upgrade

Hello interworx,

Just curious when next release will be? Im anxious for the backup solution you guys were talking about.

I used a solution here for a while, but for some reason, my server crashed consistently a few hours after performing the backups.

In another thread, Chris said that 1.9 is due out later this month. He did not give a firm date.

Our target is this month, and later rather than sooner :).

I just got done doing upgrades to phpMyAdmin and adding in Horde 3.0 support (the new Horde is very nice) so they’ll be included along with Analog and AWStats support. There’s more (backup, other goodies etc) but I won’t spoil the wait in this post :).


Looking good Chirs, you guys continue to amaze me :slight_smile:


Will the next Interworx upgrade include phpMyAdmin 2.6.1 the final version?

Oh almost forgot to ask. For future reference how do I install a new version of phpMyAdmin myself? Can someone please provide a step by step installation overview of what to do and where, thanks!

If I can squeeze it in yes RWF but it’s pretty close right now and I may not make it since the new phpMyAdmin came out just yesterday.