2 Domains in 1 server problem


Originally , I have domain1.com, and I wan to host domain2.com in my server as well.
I just use SiteWorx to create domain2.com
I’ve complete the name server setup in Godaddy
When I try domain2.com it will only pass to my IP( without go into “~domain2” directory.
I’ve try, it works great.

How can I force the server to enter to the directory ~domain2 ?


Hi shingfx

I’m sorry, I am slightly confused over your question

Do you mean you want to host 2 seperate domains individually - if so, you need to set the IP address to shared from nodeworx, server, IP management

Do you mean you want the second as a pointer or secondary, if so you should add as intended from soteworx domains

If you meant the first and have correctly set it up, but your browser is not displaying the webpage, then I think it would be DNS cache or DNS population from your DNS where you are using on your computer, not the DNS on your server. To test this, can you ping your second domain which is not displaying and does it resolve correctly to the hosting IP address. If not, flush your cache (DNS and browser) and retry ping, if still not resolving correctly to new IP address, flush DNS cache and set your DNS to google ( and I think and retry.

I hope that helps a little and sorry for not understanding your question

Many thanks


It’s possible the DNS hasn’t propagated yet based on the fact that it works with the IP address.

If you do a nslookup on your computer, does it give your the correct IP of domain2?

Are these on a shared IP or on two separate dedicated IPs?

Hi justec

Hope your well

Yes, that’s my favoured thought, DNS but I suspect it’s the DNS held by their internet provider where they are connecting from, not the server as NS changes are usually very fast.

Many thanks


Yeah, I hate Godaddy, but usually the DNS changes are pretty quick over there.

But like you said, it all depends on the DNS that you are using on your computer.
If that one doesn’t go out to pull new records every hour, even though they are updated on the Internet you’ll still have the old ones.