3.0 update question

I’m anxious to look at the 3.0 update but I’m concerned as I have some customizations to my use of Interworx that go a little beyond the norm, for example, integrated Tomcat, heavily modified conf.d configuration files, etc.

Will there be a prompt to upgrade, or a rollback mechanism if things don’t go quite right?


Rolling back would actually be pretty difficult because there are quite a few database structure changes with this release (to the internal InterWorx database).

I recommend making backup copies of any files you made changes to anywhere under /home/interworx/ . When the update rolls out you can restore your changes to anything that gets overwritten.

I don’t forsee any huge problems given your changes, just have backups of your customizations available and things should be fine.


Assuming the worst and I need to restore the filesystem… will the database changes be backwards compatible? IE, do I need to make a backup of the database as well?

Building a rollback mechanism into the product would be a tremendous plus, and probably cut down on a lot of tech support… probably too late to consider for this round but I’d recommend it going forward.


Chisel, if you are worried about it then

1 Set NodeWorx auto update to off
2. when we anounce the release, backup all of your files including those in /home/interworx

RUN service iworx stop FIRST

cp /home/interworx /root/interworx-old

or whatever

Doing so will include a backup of the iworx tables they are located in


Then do the upgrade manually and revert back if needed.