32bit or 64bit - what do you use?

Anyone found any benefits to using one or the other?

Well my servers that are running IW are 32 bit, but the server I recently added running cPanel is 64 bit.

Your question is a good one, at least in theory the 64 bit should out preform the 32 bit, I would suspect that the better performance would come in times of higher loads. Its kind of like a fire hose, if you have a 32 inch fire hose (for my friends outside the US replace inch’s with mm if you like :D) or a 64 inch fire hose, if the water is turned on low, not much advantage of the 64 inch fire hose. But at high pressure there will be a difference, a big difference.

Now another thing to take into consideration is the software supportive of the 64 bit system. If not it would be like placing a 64 inch fire house onto a 32 inch facet. In the case of the fire hose it would be a little bit faster due to less friction in the larger pipe. But in the case of computers not sure if you will see a difference.

Anyway that’s my thoughts about it.

Performance also has a lot to do with the amount of RAM - in a 32-bit system, the addressable memory is only 4GB - with 64-bit, it’s an obnoxiously large number…in the terabytes, I believe.

If you have the choice, I’d go with 64-bit. It eases future expansion if needed, and since most server chips are 64-bit these days, I’d expect more and more packages to be optimized for that.