3rd party mailserver intigration

I think one thing that would REALLY and I mean REALLY set interworx apart from the crowd of control panels would be integration with 1 or more of the groupware oriented mail servers like Kerio and/or Zimbra (kerio seems like it would be easier ) an no, I do not have any hope for the clusterf*%& that is exchange 2007. It just seems everyone and their brother is using a vanilla qmail/exim/postfix mail and the only other choice is exchange 2007 @ a whopping $60mo just for EMAIL only because these other mailservers do not have any autmatic account setup features (they support multiple domains very easily however) also another huge deal would be for it to support creating accounts on a dedicated mailserver running Kerio / Zimbra / Whatever
the only company I know of that has this option is plesk, which supports a limited number of 3rd party mailservers you have never heard of and having tested 5 of them, they all leave much to be desired ( OpenXchange, Communigate, Merak and I can’t remember the other 2) and people put up with their horrible control panel solely because the nice 3rd party mailserver support.