4 years, good job !

It’s now 4 years we’re using interworx.
All team would like to say “good job” !

You are the bests !
Good product and fine guys.

A very special thanks to you.


Yeah, I agree. I’ve been using it for a little over 6 years and haven’t looked back since. It’s now painful when I deal with clients on other hosting and have to use the Godaddy interface or Cpanel.

But need good reach too

Obviously it is good product, no question about that.

But, the number of web hosts offering iworx can be counted with fingers. Around 2005, I had switched from cpanel host to an iworx host and liked the panel very much. Due to some reasons I had to move from my iworx host and I realized I couldn’t easily find good number of iworx hosts.

After I found one and switched, the new host was gone just in a few months without notifying anything (luckily I had a backup!). After I found and switched to another, I had some other problems (I don’t remember what it was).

Then I decided to move to a cpanel host and did so. Finding a cpanel host is easy and you can switch at any moment. I don’t know why many hosts don’t offer iworx, may be just for the reason end users are used to cpanel and the chain continues. The same thing on VPS providers too I think (I don’t know much in this area, but I don’t see good number of vps providers offering iworx; correct me if I am wrong). Hosts offering iworx reseller hosting is in single digit I guess.

May be offering dirt cheap VPS licenses would do the trick? I don’t know; IWorx guys have to do something for the web hosts to think about switching (or they can offer both iworx and cpanel).

May be the reason was that IWorx was slow in releases, but after IWorx-Tim-Pgh joined I think the releases are steady and everything is good. But still iworx adoption is not up to the mark.

Come on iworx guys? Need to hire a good marketing guy?

I don’t understand what you mean. Do you say godaddy & cpanel are good? (may be cpanel has got some improvement since its version 11 I guess)

I think Justec meant it’s not painful like when…etc. :slight_smile:

It’s a chicken and the egg situation. I think that like any niche market (and let’s face it, web hosting control panels is a niche market) the market leader will always have an advantage simply because they’re the market leader. Like you said, people are used to cPanel (and Plesk) - and people tend to be scared of change.

But, it’s not so dire as you make it sound! There’s at least double digits of hosts offering InterWorx :wink: Seriously, though, if you’re having trouble finding a reliable InterWorx host, let us know - we have many partners that have been with us a long, long time, and they aren’t going anywhere! Neither are we - we’ve seen enough growth that we’ve been hiring in the midst of all this economic turmoil.

If (shared hosting) end users are reluctant to change, vps and server maintainers might be the easy target. As I said, coming up with a superb offer (for VPS/dedicated hosting companies) you might be able to reach more VPS customers.

Something you have to do marketing wise for the better reach which IWorx deserves (and which it is lacking now).

Yes I agree, it lessen my headaches since I used interworx for more Tran 2 years now. I’m very thankful I followed my friend’s suggestion. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, hope to see more updated information :slight_smile: