509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

I’m getting “509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” page on a customer’s website
I just modified it to “Unlimited” and still that page keeps on showing the 509 error
What should I do to fix it?
Customer is getting impatient with the problem
Thanks for your help.


Hi Crservers

I’m thinking it’s waiting for the cron pex to run for bandwidth calc before it might release. I could be wrong though.

I might consider restarting server to see if that clears it, but we also place a tick to allow overage bandwidth use, so you may want to try that.

Lastly, if the above doesn’t correct it, I would suggest you open a support ticket.

I do think cron pex will clear it though

One last thought would be to restart network perhaps.

Many thanks


Hi John,
Thanks for your quick reply.
Nope, it’s been over an hour and the site does not return to normal :frowning:
I just opened a ticket with support.
How can I force the cron pex to run to see if that fixes it?

The problem went away by itself :wink:
All is good now :wink:

Hi rodrigo

Many thanks for the update and glad it’s resolved

I’m thinking it was the cron pex for bandwidth which must have just run.

To check, if you login to nodeworx server, logs, IWorx and it’s either cron or iWorx and look for bandwidth listed. If the time it last run matches the time the site came live, I think that would confirm it.

Also, please could you update your IW ticket if you have not already

Many thanks