A few cluster questions!


I am really interested in Interworx and I am wondering a bit about clustering, I am going to get a dedicated server to install Interworx on and I will start transferring accounts over from cPanel. At some point when one server will not be enough to host all my sites, is it then possible to add more machines and create the cluster using the existing data?

How would a cluster look like?

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Hi fidde

I hope you don’t mind, but there is good example of clustering on interworx website, sorry, I’m not in position to lookup the address, but it’s easy to find.

To quickly answer your question, starting with 1 server and then adding more latter should be fine, but I would make sure the procs are identical, and to set it up, login to nodeworx, cluster and follow the setups for master and secondary.

Your ip for clustering, I would think perhaps if your only on 1 server, would be external but if you had your own internal setup for network, you could save a little on bandwidth usage which count towards your overall bandwidth from your provider, but either internal or external ip setup is fine.

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks