A few questions re IP and ffmpeg


Please accept my apologies if the answer is easily available, I have searched but not been able to find them.

I have installed worx onto a centos 6.2 64 bit, which installs fine and have it working.

My issues are:

How to assign a static IP
How to assign a static IP from a different range/gateway
How to install ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php

I have the server here on a simple network where we have 5 external IP’s, but it may just be our router (BT homehub) but the IP address of the server keeps changing to a different external IP everytime we reboot it, even though we set it to static at router by assigning same IP to mac address, and I thought set the correct IP when centos/interworx asked, although, interworx only asked for DNS not IP. So it seems to be set to DHCP and not Static.

I will be taking it to our datacentre, where we have /24 range, and also have other ranges of IP, so can interworx handle multiple IP from different ranges/gateways.

I have tried to install ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php a few times, following information after I googled for it, but either I keep breaking the code or I am making silly mistakes.

Any help would be appreciated, and I have not opened any support tickets, as I do not believe this is a support issue, given what I am wanting to do.

I am thinking of asking interworx to complete a clean install and asking them if they will install ffmpeg as a last resort.

Many thanks


Assigning a static IP is pretty easy: Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and make sure that it’s set up correctly for your IP.

For multiple ranges, you’ll need to have multiple physical network interfaces on your machine, with each connected to whatever gateway manages that range of addresses. The procedure is the same, though - Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth# , where # is the number of the interface in question.

Installing ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php is fairly easy. There’s a handy set of instructions here: http://chrisjean.com/2009/01/13/install-ffmpeg-and-ffmpeg-php-on-centos-easily/