Ability to change primary domain

This lack of feature is getting frustrating when customers want to change their domains to existing sites. It takes time to recreate an account and move their stuff over every time they want to change their primary domain.

We give customers 2 options - one to sign up for new package and move their stuff themselves or pay us $15 to make change for them. But its kind of bad for business…


Oh yes, I’ll like to view this features too

I’d vote for this as well!

There doesn’t appear to be any massive coupling with most of the account settings. Perhaps it would make sense to add a secondary domain and then have an option to switch it to the master one?

I find it strange that customers want to be changing their domain names all the time, sounds bad for their business.

There are 3 common scenarios that I have seen.

  1. New design with new hosting. Customer acquires hosting under separate domain from their existing site to develop and build while their primary domain remains active elsewhere. Once new site is ready to go live they want to shutdown old hosting and switch the domain on the dev site. I know this is not the practical way but I see a lot of customers take this approach.

  2. Other occasions I have seen customers shift their business or accidentally let their domain expire beyond redemption and wish to change their domain. But this is rare.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen customer sign up with the wrong domain and then tell us their mistake after we’ve setup their tomcat container etc. They don’t understand that we have to delete that setup and re-setup new site with correct domain.

kipper3d’s first scenario happens to us frequently. We’re a web design shop that provides hosting for clients. Often we setup with staged or temporary domains while we do the proof and staging. Then switch it to the live stuff.

We often try to set it up with the primary domain they will be using, but sometimes it’s not known at that stage. You end of with either an incorrectly named account; or, two accounts (one for proof/staging) and then live. Neither is ideal IMHO. If the feature is feasible to implement, then I think the should consider it.

This is something that has been requested pretty often so we’ve been working on getting this implemented. It should be coming out within the next few version updates.

This is only an issue, maybe once a year with us, it would be nice to make the change without having to delete anything. But since it happens so little we just take care of moving everything over to the newly created site for the client.

Must be a update for this

I really love the Nodeworx / Siteworx panels…
But, I can’t understand how Interworx missed this, this is damn important and more then less all other control-panels can handle this. (this makes me angry!)

(PS! I dont need to make a switch for masterdomain for the full account but I need to have it for the ~attribute)

If you have created a account and before the DNS working you need to use ~
like this http://IP-number-to-server/~account/ (working good now)

But, if you then add a second domain in the account you need to have a function to switch so the second domain is connected to the “~accont” (With Cpanel this is easy because Cpanel adds the sec. domain as a subfolder in root so the url for that domain will be http://IP-number-to-server/~account/sec-domain.com/

But you can’t do that now in Interworx…
So my suggestion is…

  1. Make it possible in Siteworx to choose Masterdomain connected to the /~account/ (like Directadmin way)

  2. or best way make it possible in Nodeworx to make all domains working with a ~sign not the accountname like:
    and the for the sec. domain

Sorry for my bad english…

Is there any news about this problem? :slight_smile:

There is actually a way to do this now.

You create pointer for the new domain you wish to promote to primary


~iworx/bin/domain-promoter.pex --pointer-to-primary --pointer-domain=<NEWDOMAIN.COM> --primary-domain=<OLDDOMAIN.COM>

Replace <NEWDOMAIN.COM> with your new domain.com and <OLDDOMAIN.COM> with existing primary.

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Thank you! But I’ll lost the email addresses of the old primary domain, won’t I?

I doubt it. The primary then becomes the pointer. Say you have email user called info. info@primarydomain.com and info@pointerdomain.com are the same email account. So switching should not disrupt existing email accounts.

Will this option be available for the end-user?

Is this command still relevant with Interworx 5?

~iworx/bin/domain-promoter.pex --pointer-to-primary --pointer-domain=<NEWDOMAIN.COM> --primary-domain=<OLDDOMAIN.COM>