About the Themes

I know you’re working on a new feature to manage themes, so here is just an idea i had:

I designed 4 themes:[INDENT]- Summer (1)

  • Autumn (2)
  • Winter (3)
  • Spring (4)[/INDENT]

I have 2 packages:[INDENT]- Free users (1)

  • Pro users (2)[/INDENT]

Now, i want the free users to have access only to the following themes: Summer, Autumn and Spring but not Winter, by default theme i want Summer:
with my best CP (InterWorx!), i set the themes 1 , 2 and 4 availables for the package 1 and set the theme 1 by default.

And so on for each package !

To the admins: sorry, i didn’t see the nodeworx feature request, i know this post should be there :frowning:


We will be working on a user-level themes interface. For our first go it’s an all-or-nothing setup (i.e. you change the theme, it’s changed for all users) but we’ll make it more granular to faciliate such setups.


ok no problem :slight_smile:

thanks !