Account pending?

Today I needed to create a new account (site), and after 10 minutes of waiting, after having hit the “Create” button, I “Stop” on my browser.

I then went to “SiteWorx Accounts”, and I see the account is there, but with a status pending. If I click edit it all seems right, and I can even FTP to the site.

A few minutes before I created the account, I complete the domain registration with my registrar, and now the website is already live on the web - Fast!!!

But I am a bit worried about that “Pending” status. Any ideas of why it should take so long to create an account, or why it is “Pending”?

Ok, after an hour, I decided to delete the account, and try and recreate it.

But off course I would not be so lucky, as the same thing is happening when I try to delete as when I created it, that is it is just hanging…

Question to other InterWorx users: How many accounts (Websites) do you run via Interworx on your server?

I run about 30, and I was starting to wonder if I somehow have reached a limitation of Interworx and the MySQL database which it is using heavily, or if my Interworx database iw just screwed up!

After having waited 20 minutes, after hitting the “Delete” button Interworx is still hanging, yawn…

But I am pressing stop now and hope the whole damn thing crashes!

We’re currently checking this out on your server.

There are InterWorx servers with much more than 30 accounts on them that don’t have this problem.


Hi Paul,

yeah I saw somebody else was logged on, right after I stopped the deletion.

Then I went back and hit delete again, and this time it deleted the account fine.

But now it is again hanging when I try to create a new account.

As of 8:20PM it’s still hanging creating a new account on my screen.

I will wait and see what you figure out Paul, and go out and catch a beer in the mean while :slight_smile:


All fixed RWF. There was a problem with the httpd init script that was installed while helping you with an issue last week, that caused the account/create function to hang.


Thanks that’s great, however since 8:23PM EST tonight, and even now about an hour after you fixed the problem, I keep getting an email from my server with the title:

Cron <iworx@server1> cd /home/interworx/cron ; ./iworx.pex --fively

It contains information about an error creating a site, I have forwarded you the latest email from 10:27PM


thanks for all your help last night, everything works great now :slight_smile: