Add a developer user role that prevents them from downloading site source code

Kindly you to Add a developer user role that prevents them from downloading site source code.

Many times, the developers are hired to do small changes or modifications to a website but end up downloading a full source code of a website and take it for free. Therefore, i request that you add a developer user role such that website owner can create user account with that role and give it to a developer with limited functionality such as not being to download website source code, sending emails, downloading the database, etc.

Please consider that functionality

Thank you


Can you provide more information about the limitations you’re looking for? It seems that if a developer is working on the website, they would need access to the source code. How would the developer work on the site without accessing the code?

Currently, SiteWorx accounts can be limited to only allow access to specific parts of the account and even specific sites within the account. For example, you can give a secondary account no access to manage email, which would prevent them from creating email accounts and accessing emails accounts. Same for database management. You can also not allow them SSH or FTP access which would require them to edit files through the File Manager.

Having said that, it would be trivial for a committed individual to open each file in the File Manager and copy the contents of each file. Additionally, if they have full access to the source code, it would be trivial for them to dump the database via code. At the end of the day, it’s tough to see how you could simultaneously allow access to the source code and prevent someone from doing what they want with it.

If you can provide more details on how you expect this to work, that may help us understand more what you’re looking for.

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