Add Enable/Disable local mail delivery in SiteWorx Package Options

Would be nice to be able to create a package that automatically disables local mail delivery option on creation. With so many people using 365 Exchange or similar third party services versus basic on server IMAP, it would be convenient to have this option there.

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This has already been put forward to IW and at some point it will be integrated I believe but no time estimate

I think it should trigger this action when the MX record is changed as that is when it no longer points at your server

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Like John said, this feature request has come up before. And checking the ticket, it was by you, actually, lol. :slight_smile:

I’ll add it to my “support wishlist” ticket list I’m going to be presenting to the devs at our sprint meeting next week. I don’t have any guarantees or ETA, but that’s a direct bump to the devs.


I remember talking about this before, but I didn’t think I had the idea to make it part of a package :upside_down_face:

Thanks for checking!

Jenna could you ask the devs how the Almalinux 8 support with interworx is progressing, ETA would be nice, months away or 2023 :slight_smile:
Also roadmap for 2022. sorry to hijack this topic
thank you kindly.

I’m actually in the process of writing an update post for here with a bunch of info re what’s in active development, roadmap, things to know, etc, which I’m hoping to post next week. :slight_smile:

Almalinux 8 support is in active development and has been for a while. ETAs are often risky to give because, like animals and small children, technology tends to make liars of us. :slight_smile: But I know it is very very very unlikely that it will take as long as 2023. It’s definitely a 2022 thing. I’ll ask the devs for an update on Monday.

I thought that the 2022 roadmap had been updated, already, but I see now that that section is just blank when expanded. I will definitely ask for an update about that on Monday, as well. :slight_smile:

That sounds promising
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@Justec Just an update that I brought your feature request to the sprint meeting this afternoon and, while it was not accepted for the current sprint, the devs did have some ideas for a future potential implementation. I don’t have an ETA as to when it may be picked up, however.

@bear Little update for you, that I talked to the dev who is in charge of the roadmap and there are still some items being discussed and worked out with upper management and our parent company, so that is why there’s been a bit of a hold up on that. :slight_smile: But it should hopefully be out, soon.

Thank you for the update Jenna :slightly_smiling_face:
was there any news on Almalinux 8 support?

Just that it is in active development. It’s a large focus, but also a large task.