Adding disk space

I have a VM and I want to attach more disk to it to house sites. In cPanel I could add disk locations to the control panel but it seems in Interworx all sites have to reside in /home. This is ok but I have already installed the server. Is there some instructions on how to change /home to be a mounted drive? I see that if I were to do it before installation the install script handles it but like I said, I have already installed and am hoping I don’t need to re-install.



You are correct that all accounts must reside in /home.

You can provision a larger or mounted drive to be /home, if you’d like. :slight_smile:

The process is:

-rsync the SiteWorx account info under /home to the new partition/drive
-stop all services
-do a final rsync to make sure everything is brought over
-un-mount the current /home and re-mount the new partition/drive as /home.

Here are some instructions that the dev team put together for a former customer, that may be helpful for you. This example uses their disk names ( /mnt/500G was the name of their larger disk)–you would replace them with your own/your own paths.

#Initial copy.
rsync -avP --delete /home/ /mnt/500G/

#Stop all services (including iworx, /etc/init.d/iworx stop or systemctl stop iworx) and make sure nothing is using /home or /chroot/home
lsof | grep /home

#Might need to reboot if logrotate or something else is holding onto (deleted) files. Then disable services.

#Perform a final sync
rsync -avP --delete /home/ /mnt/500G/

#Unmount /home
umount /home

#Modify /etc/fstab so that /home is /dev/sdc1 and remount home.
mount /home

Let me know if that is helpful! :slight_smile:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager

We do have a feature request to add support for additional home partitions. I’m hoping we will have this done early 2021.

Hi @Jimsef, you could also just extend the partition in the VM that’s what i mostly do and works fine.

In VMware increase disk space for that VM.
Upload gParted iso in the Datastore
In VM tick the option Boot in Bios next time, check bios settings for boot in cd-rom as first option and attach the iso to the cd-rom device for that VM.
Boot in gParted
Select the Swap partition and move or delete it [depending on layout] moving Swap to end, if you have to delete swap then make sure you leave enough space [same amount] when increasing the space to add the swap back.
Then extend the partition by applying changes.
reboot and remove the cd-rom

Most important is that the quota and all other setting are fine now.