Adding disk space

I have a VM and I want to attach more disk to it to house sites. In cPanel I could add disk locations to the control panel but it seems in Interworx all sites have to reside in /home. This is ok but I have already installed the server. Is there some instructions on how to change /home to be a mounted drive? I see that if I were to do it before installation the install script handles it but like I said, I have already installed and am hoping I don’t need to re-install.



You are correct that all accounts must reside in /home.

You can provision a larger or mounted drive to be /home, if you’d like. :slight_smile:

The process is:

-rsync the SiteWorx account info under /home to the new partition/drive
-stop all services
-do a final rsync to make sure everything is brought over
-un-mount the current /home and re-mount the new partition/drive as /home.

Here are some instructions that the dev team put together for a former customer, that may be helpful for you. This example uses their disk names ( /mnt/500G was the name of their larger disk)–you would replace them with your own/your own paths.

#Initial copy.
rsync -avP --delete /home/ /mnt/500G/

#Stop all services (including iworx, /etc/init.d/iworx stop or systemctl stop iworx) and make sure nothing is using /home or /chroot/home
lsof | grep /home

#Might need to reboot if logrotate or something else is holding onto (deleted) files. Then disable services.

#Perform a final sync
rsync -avP --delete /home/ /mnt/500G/

#Unmount /home
umount /home

#Modify /etc/fstab so that /home is /dev/sdc1 and remount home.
mount /home

Let me know if that is helpful! :slight_smile:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager