Adding IPv6 to Reseller Account

Wanted to see what the best / recommend way to set this up. I created a /96 main IPv6 pool for the main server admin account. Then I was following the /112 subpool for each SiteWorx account. That subpool has 65k IPs which is crazy for a single account, but was just following the recommendations.

So when I went to setup a reseller I tried to just assign one of these /112 subpool to the whole reseller account knowing 65k would be more than enough IPs, but activating the /112 for reseller access and then adding it to the reseller account still does not let you create IPv6 under the reseller account. It seems the only way to add IPv6 to reseller accounts is to share the main /96 IPv6 pool with the reseller in addition to the main account or create a second /96 main IPv6 for a reseller. I did the latter.

This isn’t really an issue overall, but it does seem strange to me that NodeWorx allows you to individually set subpool to reseller access or not in addition to the main IPv6 pool. And even add them to a specific reseller account, but yet that can actually be used. Only main IPv6 pool can be used.

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sorry, I maybe wrong but I did not think you allocated the /112, only the /96 as Interworx the allocates the /112 blocks to each siteworx account.

This is my understanding of the following from Interwox

Master domains and secondary domains can have IPv6 addresses. Other domain types, such as pointers and subdomains, share the IPv6 of the domains they are associated with, just like IPv4.

InterWorx sets up IPv6 addresses from a Pool to be dedicated ? meaning they cannot be used by other SiteWorx accounts.

This means that the IPv6 will be SSL-Ready, so if the IPv4 in use by the domain is also dedicated, SSL Certificates can be set up for the domain.

InterWorx recommends allocating /96s to your individual servers out of your full allocation, with a Subpool Size of /112. A /96 will have 4.3 billion IPv6 addresses, and dividing that into Subpools at a size of /112 yields 65,356 Subpools, each containing 65,536 IPv6 Addresses. This makes it pretty unlikely that you?ll ever exhaust the Pool.

I could be wrong as I cannot test right now (just changed our test server over to a live server we are going to install at datacentre very soon)

I suppose you could always try setting up changing /96 to /112 and /112 to /128 - so I believe that may produce /112 - 65K ipv6 addresses and /128 pool should give a single ipv6 to use but it is hot, humid and late here sorry, so could be entirely wrong

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Yes, this is how I set it up. I had some /112 blocks that were assigned and removed from a SiteWorx account so it was basically a free block ready to use. I then assigned that /112 block as “available to resellers,” then I added it to a specific reseller.

Yeah, there are so many addresses there is no reason to share it.

SNI has been out for a while and works well, so you don’t really need a dedicated IPv4 anymore for SSL.

Yes, this is what I setup, but what I didn’t want to do was mix my main /96 pool with a reseller. I guess it doesn’t really matter, just trying to keep things organized as well as possible.

This is the main issue though. IW allows me to assign a /112 pool (of my main /96) to a reseller, but once you actually are in the reseller account and working on a SiteWorx account you can’t add any IPv6 off of that. The only 2 options that actually work are…

  1. Set your main /96 as available to reseller and share the main /96 pool with resellers, breaking off /112 to either main admin or reseller as needed.
  2. Create a second /96 pool and assign that one to resellers and allow all resellers to share that block.

With all that said if 1 and 2 above are the only options, that is fine, not a bug or anything…but if that is the case, then there should NOT be an option on individual /112 subpools to “allow for reseller.” That should only be on the main /96 pool since you can NOT use /112 subpool under reseller accounts.

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I?m sorry I do not have ipv6 apart from a /64 block from hurricane which is ipv4 tunneled

I mentioned about changing assignment size say to /112 and then block them with say 10 ipv6 because if I understand correctly, IW can assign a block for resellers, then within that assigned block, the subblocks are auto assigned to siteworx. So in that instance, you can control the reseller ipv6 block and know using a /112 then say a /122, should give you around 65k reseller blocks of ipv6 if I am thinking straight sorry

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Yes, this is exactly right.

The only “issue” right now is that you can’t use an InterWorx Sub Pool for a reseller. It must be a Main Pool.
BUT IW allows you to set a Sub Pool to “Allow for resellers,” even though that isn’t an option that actually works.

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Ahh sorry think I?ve got it now

If that?s the case, as you said it seems pointless to let subpool be assigned to resellers

I?ve emailed IW your thread so hopefully a little clarification as I do not have ipv6 at Datacentre. They keep saying I can have ipv6, but never appear to allocate it.

Hope that?s alright and kudos to you

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From this question and one other you posted last week, I believe you may be a customer of Steadfast. They submitted a ticket last week for the issues you’ve brought up. It’s possible they haven’t passed on the info they received yet. This is the gist of what I told them on Friday:

The subpools showing in the Manage IPs section for the reseller is not a bug, but it does make things confusing. This is how subpools work:

-The/a main pool has to be set as “Available to all resellers”.
-In Manage IPs for the reseller, the main pool shows as available.
-Logged in as the reseller, under the Manage IPs page for a SiteWorx account, the main pool shows as available to be accessed. When that is selected and saved, a subpool is created. That subpool is now dedicated to that domain.
-That subpool can only be used for the domain it was created for. It cannot be assigned to anything else.

This is where it is a bit confusing:

-The subpool shows as available under the reseller Manage IP page. It is listed here because it is, indeed, available to the reseller account because it was created for and is assigned to one of their SiteWorx accounts.
-Even if that SiteWorx account is deleted, that subpool will still be listed under the Reseller, and on the IPv6 Pool page, and it still will not be assignable to anything else. This is because, as part of the import and restore process for an account, the account is deleted and re-added. Information such as subpools have to still exist in the database because, if the account is re-added and is then looking for a subpool that no longer exists, an error will occur.

I created a bug report with the development team to do one, if not both, of the following:

-Either remove the subpools from the reseller manage IP page
-Add a detailed explanation as to the above, so as to avoid confusion in the future.

Sorry for the confusion! Hopefully that helped!


Thanks! I believe my data center / host still has a ticket open with IW on this topic, but sometimes it’s nice to communicate directly.

Yes, that’s me :slight_smile:

I think my confusion comes from why is there even a “Available to resellers” option on the subpool since this availability is directly tied to the main pool’s “Available to resellers” setting the subpool is being pulled from.

So in my example where I got confused is the following, which I admit is not the norm and different than the scenario you described.

  • No reseller accounts exist
  • I had a handful of IW Sub Pools taken from my one Main Pool that were available and not tied to any SiteWorx account
  • I then created a reseller account, went to one of the available Sub Pool, and selected “Available to resellers.”
  • Go into the IP management for the reseller account and add this Sub Pool to this reseller

This all looked well and good, but when I went into reseller account and tried to add an IP off of this I realized it wasn’t working. It made sense that the Sub Pool is for individual SiteWorx accounts, so I couldn’t give a reseller a Sub Pool only. If I didn’t want to assign 65k IPs to a single siteworx account under the reseller then I just need to make a smaller main pool and smaller sub pools for them.

I think this would be useful. This would solve the issue I ran into of adding a subpool directly to the reseller account, which doesn’t work since subpools can only be assigned to SiteWorx accounts.