Adding Subdomains to Secondary Domains

Seems like a common use case to have if you allow the primary domain to have subdomains. Changing the text to a drop down of the primary and secondary domains it would work perfectly.

Also of interest, it would be nice to be able to change the primary domain for the account as well. Likely from nodeworx, but making it a feature you could enable for siteworx users wouldn’t be bad either. As it is, it’s a lot of hassle to create new accounts and switch everything over for the occasional user that gets a whole new domain.

Well never mind on that… turns out I didn’t see the select list at the very top of the page…

I was just about to point that out. :wink: We all miss things like that sometimes.

We’ve talked about adding a feature that lets you change the primary domain on a SiteWorx account, and it’s something we may add to a future InterWorx release.