Adding Subdomains to Secondary Domains!!

Seems like a common use case to have if you allow the primary domain to have subdomains. Changing the text to a drop down of the primary and secondary domains it would work perfectly.

Also of interest, it would be nice to be able to change the primary domain for the account as well. Likely from nodeworx, but making it a feature you could enable for siteworx users wouldn’t be bad either. As it is, it’s a lot of hassle to create new accounts and switch everything over for the occasional user that gets a whole new domain.

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The first part of your post already exists. Look to top of page where it states change domain and drop down appears for all secondary domains

The second part of your post exists but as a pex - so requires ssh to complete and is called domainpromoter.pex

It was/is on the roadmap to be included I believe in siteworx but sorry if I?m wrong

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Hi @jacobining !

Thanks for the suggestions! We are currently completely re-doing the user interface for InterWorx, and the first suggestion you made-having the as a dropdown on on the subdomain creation form–is actually one of the changes that the design team is currently testing. :slight_smile:

Regarding changing the primary domain, I’ll submit a feature request to expose that ability in the GUI, though I cannot make any guarantees. Currently, though, the way to do so is with the following steps:

-create a secondary domain under the SiteWorx account that you want to alter, using the new domain name. For instance, if you have an account called and you want the new domain to be, you’ll create a secondary domain called

  • at the command line, you will use the tool

. It has some flags:

[[email protected] ~]# ~iworx/bin/domain-promoter.pex
Usage: domain-promoter.php [ options ]
--pointer-to-primary Swaps the primary domain with a pointer
--secondary-to-primary Swaps the primary domain with a secondary
--primary-domain <string> Current primary domain
--pointer-domain <string> Current pointer domain
--secondary-domain <string> Current secondary domain
--restart-http Restart webserver (including cluster nodes)
--non-interactive Prevent warnings from pausing script
--help Print this help message
--verbose Provide verbose output if possible
--no-color Suppress colorized output
--force-color Forces colorized output. Overrides --no-color
[[email protected] ~]#

You would want the following:

~iworx/bin/domain-promoter.pex --secondary-to-primary --primary domain [primary] --secondary domain [secondary]

So, for the above example, you would run:

~iworx/bin/domain-promoter.pex --secondary-to-primary --primarydomain --secondary-domain

Running that will make the new primary domain for the account.