Adding text Link....


Is there a way I can add a text link to all pages in an account? I host a few friends personal site and he does not want to edit his old pahes to add the text link. So I am wondering is there a way for me to include a text link the the bottom of all his pages like some free hosts do.

If the pages are all PHP (or have a .php extension) you can setup “auto includes” to prepend / append content to all .php pages. This can be done via a .htaccess file. Check out the following link if the previous applies: (search for prepend)


Thank you this will help on one of the sites, the other is HTML pages though so will have to fugure something else out :slight_smile:

This isn’t ideal, but it may work for you.

You could change the index.htm of that site a new one with an <iframe> and make the old index.htm something else like main.htm or home.htm.

Then iframe in the the home.htm and all the links should automatically target the current frame and then below that iframe put in your footer.


<iframe src="home.htm"></iframe> <br>
Footer goes here