I really think interworx could do with some advertising. Most people talk about DirectAdmin, Plesk, Cpanel and Hsphere at WHT. I think with some advertising, the sales could go up.

Also, does Clientexec offer reseller support in interworx? Last I could remember, they didn’t support resellers for cpanel!

InterWorx has done some targed advertizing in places such as HostingCon last summer and in PingZine. I think the guys are being selective as to where they do their advartizing right now as they add a few more core features (e.g. multiple domains per account) and flesh out some of their current ones (e.g reseller, ScriptWorx). When the time is righr, I’m sure that they will launch an appropriate media campaign that will bring the competition to it’s knees :wink:

We’re bringing a bunch of new Reseller-Partners online in the coming weeks which will boost visibility and hopefully the chatter on WHT as well. Given WHT’s stringent rules we ourselves can’t do much there promotion-wise (at least in the form of posts) so anything you’d like to post re: iworx-cp on WHT is welcome! :slight_smile: