Advice for only www hosting


We are building a solution to a customer, and customer only want to host the web part on our server for this domain (due to apache, mysql and php support). The rest (dns and email) are already handled elsewhere.

What would be the best way to implement this in Iworx-CP?
I’m thinkin about creating an account as usual and then manually edit the dns zone file, but not sure it would be a good or supported way to do this. This would mean to keep the www host IP address in the zone and change the rest to point remote. Or…could I remove all entries except the NS records and change those IP addresses to customers ns servers? Customer would be responsible to change the www host in their zone to point at our IP.

The result should end up in that only www.domain.tld should be hosted for this particular customer.

What do you recon?


You could just set the info on your DNS to match that of the main DNS or I think doing what you suggested with just having the NS point to the main box (but not sure on that)

As for the email you may want to take a look at this post:

Thanks Justec,
the email part you pointed out is a must (vdeldomain!

So, what’s left now is how to handle the dns zone.


As long as the domain’s nameservers are pointed to the other place, the InterWorx DNS won’t come into play. Just have them update their non-mx DNS records to point to your server.


Ok Paul, I know this is true from the outside world. But if I leave the zone in Iworx intact, except pointing the MX to the remote one, everything would be fine internally?
Oh, and also delete the domain in vpopmail.


If the nameservers for the domain don’t point to the interworx box, then the zone according to interworx won’t get used for anything DNS related, even internally.

To answer your question simply, “yes”.


Excellent, thanks for your clarification.