all databases and mySQL died

I am running a subdomain of a friends server and all was going fine until i put in some SQL queries into PhpMyAdmin. After i put in the first one and went to put in the second one, PhpMyAdmin closed. When i tried to open it back up, i just kept getting a blank page. I checked my databases-also a totally white page. My forum runs from the database, i get this error:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

yet i was just on it a few minutes ago. I IM’ed a couple friends from the forum, they get the same message. How could my databases and MySQL just have crashed like that? Also, how can i get them back up? Do i have to contact my friend and have him reset the server?

If you are running Nodeworx can you not just restart the mysql service and see if thats the problem?

how would i restart it? it is my friends server

You would need to get your friend to go to the MySQL Service page and click Restart. Unfortunately, without being the System Admin of either a VPS or your own box, you won’t be able to restart mysql yourself.

Time to give him a call probably :slight_smile:

hehe, ok thanks for your help…actually, he is just a friend over the internet so ill have to wait for him to come on to reset it. Thanks anyway, and thanks for the quick reply

Yes being notifed would have helped, I submited a ticket with interworx support, after the update for spam assasion, it died and will not come back even after reboot. Hopefully someone cane get to it ASAP.