Allow Viewing Secondary Domain Logs in Siteworx > Logs

It would be great if you could view–and follow–regular and SSL error logs for secondary domains in the UI in Siteworx > Logs instead of just for the primary domain.


This is already a feature, unfortunately, changes in IW7 have made it difficult to get there. If you go to something like Email Boxes and select your secondary domain in the dropdown box, then go directly to the logs page, you’ll be able to see the logs for the secondary domain.

This isn’t initiative at all and is actually just tricking the system into doing what we want, so we are working on finding a better way to do this. There is already a bug report for this behavior currently so I’ve added your request to that to bump it’s visibility with the other devs.

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Thanks for the info. In the meantime, I’ll just select the domain in the Email section before looking at the logs.