Alternative mass transfer?

Im moving to a new server in the same data center. I was thinking of just using the mass transfer feature as it would be pretty fast over a 100 mbit connection in the same DC. But I have a backup drive in the current server which will be moved to the new server.

So would it make more sense to do a command line or regular siteworx backup for all the accounts stored to that hard drive and then a command line restore from the drive when its placed in the new server?

Is it even possible to do a import from multiple backup files or is it only one at a time?

Any other ideas?

Hi Justec,

No, curently, there isn’t an automated command-line mass import tool. We are considering adding a feature like this to a future version. In the mean time, what you can do is write a bash script that loops through the contents of that directory and imports the accounts.


I’m pretty lazy and will most likely just use the mass import tool as is because it just works so well :slight_smile: