An error occurred during SiteWorx account activation

Hi everyone.
I started to use InterWorx today, and I have a issue:
When I try to create a new Siteworx account show me this error:
? There was a problem validating the form. Please see details below.
? An error occurred during SiteWorx account activation, check the iworx.log file for more details

This is the log:
2014-02-10 19:26:50.68943 [u4bvun-eh8f-gvp2-CLI] [INFO] : siteworx: finished deleting domain : package.deactivate.php
2014-02-10 19:26:50.69133 [u4bvun-eh8f-gvp2-CLI] [INFO] : siteworx: deleting user 10 : package.deactivate.php
2014-02-10 19:26:50.69198 [u4bvun-eh8f-gvp2-CLI] [INFO] : siteworx: deleting user : package.deactivate.php
2014-02-10 19:26:50.70878 [u4bvun-eh8f-gvp2-CLI] [INFO] : package deactivation: succeeded : package.deactivate.php
2014-02-10 19:26:50.70899 [u4bvun-eh8f-gvp2-CLI] [INFO] : script end : package.deactivate.php

I have some package created.
Can I solve this issue?
Please, anyone, help me!

Only to update:
In this situation will be need to enable second-level too.
To InterWorx in an OpenVZ works.To do this I escalate ticket in my VPS company and after works.

That is correct – any OpenVZ/Virtuozzo VPS’s running InterWorx need to have Second-level quotas enabled for a non-clustered InterWorx install to function properly.

Unfortunately, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo environments aren’t compatible with clustering due to some kernal limitations in the OpenVZ/Virtuozzo software :frowning: