Anonymous FTP

Having anonyous ftp accounts… :smiley:


Or at least, were is the conf file of Protftpd located at so i can add mine myself…

Sorry for the super-late no repsonse. Anon-ftp will probably not be a soon-to-be feature of InterWorx-CP but we will continue to review it oldunis.

You can (as you pointed out) set them up manually. The proftpd.conf is in /etc, /etc/profptd.conf.


normal system users?

How about adding support for actual system users to ftp in. Seems like a strange thing to be missing on a unix box?

To do that you just create an additional FTP user from the SiteWorx panel.

Be very carefull with anonymous FTP. I can’t tell you how many logwatch emails I get showing people trying to get in that way. I would think LONG and HARD before I did this.

I used to get emails logs, with pages of anonymous attempts, that is until I made a habit of shutting down the FTP service when I am not using it :slight_smile:

I’ve found myself needing to set this up now as well. Is there any place I can put the xferlog generated from the anonymous account (it will be a vhost with anonymous enabled on its own dedicated IP) and have it show up properly in the stats for a siteworx account?