Another Sneak Peek! High Availability Clustering

Well, our forum won’t let me embed the video, but here:

We’re debuting this at HostingCon next week in Austin.

Pricing hasn’t been decided yet, and due to added complexity for support, we’re going to be starting a “High Availability Partner” program, similar (in general, anyway) to the Reseller Program.

The video portion is 100% un-edited, that’s a real failover. At 25 seconds, that was actually on the long side - we’ve seen as short as 13 seconds.

Oooooooh. Niiiice :slight_smile:

Me want… me want!

Any updates as to when the HA clustering will be available?

Sorry, not yet. We will definitely let you guys know when we have a better idea of when HA will be ready.

Looking for testers?

We already offer high availibilty clustering services to our clients, based on drbd, haproxy, stunnel, heartbeat etc. etc. so we would be happy to test this new interworx feature.

We’re not quite looking for testers yet, the product is still being developed. The video we posted (and our HostingCon demo) was based on an early prototype. We’re not really sure when it will be available for beta testers, but I can assure you that exciting things are happening. :slight_smile: