antivir scanning in mails: how skip specific file scanning? some idea?

I have very strange problem, i have one server whre all customers use the mails and send very high amount of pdf files, aparently sometme dont now why the antivir scan and demage the pdfs, and that majke the mail cant be dowloaded from pop mail.
Its very strange.

I want skip file scanning like pdfs, its possible?


Where is the configuration file for maike that? for make force antivir to skip files based on extension?

Here’s a link the the online ClamAV user’s manual. I took a quick look and didn’t see anything about allowing clam to skip certain file extentions but you are free to take a look yourself

Ups !
Under ensim, clamav its managed by MAILSCANNER and can skip extension files you want.
Here on interworx no possible?

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We are limited by the abilities of the open source tools which we integrate, so no it does not appear to be possible unless you see something in the manual that I don’t

Clam av its the antivirus, unde rensim MailScanner manage clamav , here oninterowx?

How clamav work?

I believe for Iworx (qmail-smtpd) Simscan is used.

Here a google I found:

Also, I don’t believe there is any way via simscan to ignore a certain file extension. You can block certain extension with Simscan before even going to ClamAV, but no way to not send an email from simscan to clamav based on file type.

You can however bypass simcan all together via IP ranges and if you do siteworx level spam scan only then this would turn off clamav for certain IPs without effecting SA.

I believe the answer you are looking for would be a setting in ClamAV as Tim suggested, so I would look at some clamAV sites to see where you can make this config change.

Justin is correct.

That said, I’m curious evidence there is that PDFs are getting corrupt by the virus scanner. The virus scanner shouldn’t make any changes to the message at all as far as I know.



In /var/qmail/control/simcontrol it should have an option to scan or not scan some attachment. Not sure of this and if I remember the install i’ve done manually (not the one of interworx rpm) it should have the ripmime soft. Then in /var/qmail/control/simcontrol you told something like attach:.file:.pdf:.

Not sure but I remember there was a way to do this in simscan/clamav. Read the doc and do a google search I’m pretty sure with a little hack it should have a way to do this

Be carreful I absolutly not sure at 100% it works like this. But I remember to have done some tests that look like this, so t exists


well yeps, no way to skip specific mail base don attach extension.
configuring this list of extensionson /var/qmail/control/simcontrol, just block directly without scan, example:


Anyway its very util know this for soem speciasl situations…

Thankyou anyway pascal : )

Sombody know where its defined whats sisze of mails are scanned or skiped?

That fucntion its very util too, and that can be my solution.

best regards.

This is the way for me i think : )

archived files larger than this

  • value will not be scanned

Anyway where cahnge that value?

You can make SpamAssassin ignore messages over a certain size by creating a file named

and putting this inside it:

# max message size for scanning = 350k
-s 250000

In that example you’d limit scanning to messages 250000 bytes and smaller.

For clamav virus scanning, you can edit

and add/edit the parameter
ArchiveMaxFileSize 10M

I think that’s what you were referring to in your last post.