Any "gotchas" when using mass import from CPanel / WHM to NodeWorx?

I may be moving a like 20+ sites from a WHM server onto my Iworx server and I see there is now a mass transfer option for CPanel to Iworx. Assuming this doesn’t work as smooth as Iworx to Iworx that I’ve used in the past, but anything specific I should lookout for?


Hi justec

I think mostly it is working but I believe there is an issue where it does not transfer any folder above public html (sorry if this has been changed)

Also, please see this latest thread re cpanel importing

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The cpanel import option has been around for several years. John is correct, that it does not import files above public_html due to differences in how cpanel’s directory structure works vs ours. I believe that may be the only limitation, though, at this time.


I have used the CPanel import before, but on a site by site basis. Last time it had some bug I found and reported to you guys and it was resolved.

I have just never used the mass import, server to server, with anything besides Iworx to Iworx. Wasn’t exactly sure how it works and tells the CPanel server to create a backup to send over to Iworx server. Is there some specific documentation for mass import with Cpanel >> Iworx?


There is no documentation for the mass importer specifically regarding Cpanel > IWorx, no. It is basically exactly the same as the single domain import. Just sets it up so that you don’t have to do each domain individually. There is no real difference in the import, itself, other than it tells cPanel to create the backup to be imported.

I would recommend doing a test run with the mass import tool, if you have concerns. You don’t have to import multiple domains with it, you can select just one.


To clarify, the transfer toold does transfer public_html data from cpanel. Its just that the host DocumentRoot changes for the primary domain.

/home/user/public_html/ - cpanels primary domain.
/home/user/ - destination when transferred to interworx.
/home/user/ - destination if secondary domain.

Subdomains differ a lot on interworx. I think we changed the import to force these to be treated as secondary domains. But just in case we didn’t on interworx subdomains are handled via a rewrite and go to paths like:

/home/user/ - or

I’d recommend using the secondary domain system for subdomains rather than subdomains if your coming from cpanel, it will work more in the way you expect.

We do have a symlink going from:
/home/user/public_html/ to /home/user/ - but only for te primary domain.